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Security Glass, Fire Glass, Specialist Glass

Specialist Glass

Toughened, Security & Fire Safety

Fire Safety Glass

Strict regulations mean that Glazing in public buildings must contain glass that will help contain fire for varying periods of time.

Decor Glass has a comprehensive range of products for these applications.

Security Glass

We supply a wide range of laminated safety and anti bandit glass including bullet and blast resistant.

Our client base includes leading banks and government organisations.

Toughened Glass

To comply with building regulations and provide a safe environment wherever people and glass come together.

Toughened glass is strong, has enhanced thermal resistance, and breaks into small cuboid fragments rather than shards and is less likely to cause injury.

All thicknesses from 4mm to 25mm.

Toughened Glass
security glass
fire safety glass, safety glass, toughened glass
No matter how unusual my requests have been, Decor Glass have always come up with the Goods. Glaziers that I would be happy to recommend to anyone.

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